Shoes For Tots - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How to Order Shoes

If you are with a local school or organization, please contact us at School representatives may order shoes by clicking HERE.

How Did Shoes For Tots Get Started?

In 1973 one of the charter members of the Breakfast Exchange Club of Ogden was tasked by State of Utah Social Services to develop a program that would serve children who desperately needed shoes. He saw the Ogden-based service club—a member of the National Exchange Clubs of America—as a natural partner in such a program. Because of the energy and high level of commitment to service the members demonstrated from the beginning, the program grew quickly in its support from the community and its ability to meet the needs of children in the community.

What Has the Shoes for Tots Program Accomplished?

Over the past 35 years the program has raised over $400,000 which has provided shoes for over ten thousand kids. In 2012 over 1,000 kids got a new pair of shoes through this program! The real benefits are hard to quantify. Wearing dirty, worn-out shoes has a negative impact on a kid's self esteem and on his health. It's safe to say that many kids who would have dropped out of school have stayed in school because of this support. Through Shoes for Tots, parents and kids who are more fortunate have been instrumental in helping those less fortunate. 

Where Do These Kids Come From?

We help kids from every social situation, including those from single-parent families, kids whose mothers are victims of spousal abuse, kids whose homes have been destroyed by fire, or kids from families who are victims of natural disasters. Also, kids whose parents' income has been wiped out because of theft, unemployment, or relocation and kids whose parents lack effective parenting skills and are simply allowed to fall through the cracks. All these kids need shoes—Shoes for Tots addresses that need. 

Are You Part of KSL's Quarters For Christmas?

No, we are not. We encourage local schools to support local school kids rather than to collect quarters for kids outside the area. We serve the Weber-Ogden area exclusively. The money collected for Shoes for Tots goes to kids who live here.

How Do You Administer the Program?

We have no administrative costs. The Ogden Breakfast Exchange Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Every cent collected for our organization goes towards funding the Shoes for Tots program with $0.00 for administrative costs! Our primary fundraising effort is the Hot Chocolate Booth. See the Hot Chocolate Booth tab under "About Us" for more information.

Here's How it Works

With the money collected each year, the Shoe for Tots program provides gift cards from Payless Shoe Stores. Over the years, these gift cards have been distributed to area schools as well as local organizations like YCC, Ogden City Schools, Children's Aid Society, Catholic Services, St, Anne's - The Lantern House Shelter, Ogden Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, LDS Social Services, Hill AFB Social Services, Community Action, Weber County Schools, and Family Support Center. We prefer to have requests for coupons to go through the school system, but we can still distribute outside of that in extenuating circumstances. When a child needs shoes, a school representative (usually a counselor or nurse) or the giving organization, completes our online order form. Shoes are sent directly to the school for distribution.

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